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Birth Better with Born Ready's Course

It's Your Body It's Your Birth - Prepare Yourself the Best you can 

We are a group of women's health physiotherapists

That work alongside Midwives, Obstetricians & Doulas. 

Our mission is to ensure you have the best birth for you. As physio's we know the importance of both physical and mental preparation. Like all physical endurance sports preparation is KEY.

Born Ready is based on factual, scientific information to empower you with the thorough knowledge you need to decide on the birth that is best for you.  The more options you are aware of, the more likely you are to choose the right one for you.  

Respecting choice is important to us. We appreciate that the right choice is different for each and every person. From home birth and birth centres to elective caesarean section we have the tools you need.

We appreciate no matter what you "choose" sometimes birth does not go to plan. In this case, because you are armed with a deep understanding of labour and birth we have found women are more able to rationalise, accept, and be ok with the deviations from their plan.


Course Overview

BORN READY ONLINE + optional face to face practical workshop

  • 2.5  hours of recommended ONLINE content

  •  Over 1 hour of optional extra ONLINE content

  •  Strength and Stretching  class for Pregnant women

  •  Pelvic floor exercise class

  •  Advice on post partum care

  •  INCLUDED in the cost is a 2 hour Face to Face Workshop facilitated at various locations across the country. ​

Upon enrolling in born ready we recommend you book your practical workshop asap as spots are limited.

The practical workshop will teach you & your birth partner all the tools to manage the symptoms of labour, this includes pain relieving strategies such as TENS machines, birth positions, and birth skills designed to distract you in first stage of labour. The workshop also teaches you how to have the most efficient birth you can, allowing you to feel different  the birth positions and  to troubleshoot when labour is not following an efficient path.

 $330 including GST.


This is an online course that runs through everything you need to know to prepare you for a Caesarean Birth.  This includes what is involved in the operation, distraction techniques and how to look after your body post partum. 

$220 including GST.

Course Sneak Peak

This is to give you a feel for what the course is like, this is the first module in our course. The fundamentals. To see the list of the modules click here

What our clients are saying:

“I’m so thankful to now know what I need to do to prepare my body for the best labour possible! Knowledge is definitely power”

Follow our journey

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