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Our Courses


*  2.5  hours of recommended online content

*  Over 1 hour of optional extra online content

*  Strength and Strethching  class for Pregnant women

*  Pelvic floor exercise class

*  Advice on post partum care

*  INCLUDED in the cost is a 2 hour Face to Face Workshop

    facilitated at various locations across the country. ​

Upon enrolling in born ready we recommend you book your practical workshop asap as spots are limited.

 The practical workshop will teach you & your birth partner all the tools to manage the symptoms of labour, this includes pain relieving strategies such as TENS machines, birth positions, and birth skills designed to distract you in first stage of labour. The workshop also teaches you how to have the most efficient birth you can, allowing you to feel different  the birth positions and  to troubleshoot when labour is not following an efficient path.

The cost is  $330 including GST.


This is an online course that runs through everything you need to know to prepare you for a Caesarean Birth.  This includes what is involved in the operation, distraction techniques and how to look after your body post partum. 


“Thank you, this was a great course and I would highly recommend it to others”

- Elle Ritson

- Elle Ritson


Born Ready aims to Empower you towards your Best Birth. We do this by giving you the science behind birth so that you can truly understand all of your options and make the right choices for you.

- Elle Ritson

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