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A photograph of a women sitting cross legged on her yoga mat.


A photograph of a pregnant women sitting on a medicine ball, another women behind supporting her.

“I’m so thankful to now know what I need to do to prepare my body for the best labour possible! Knowledge is definitely power.”

“Thank you, this was a great course and I would highly recommend it to others.”

“The course was incredibly informative. It was great because it was pitched at a wide audience - covering some basics and also going into detail when necessary. It was great hearing all the different possibilities and options during labour, rather than just the 'ideal' labour. It was very extensive and covered so much content in just a few hours.”

“Beyond my expectations, it was so great!”

“It was a perfect combination of theory and practical - trying out the distraction techniques was really helpful..”

" This is a great half day course to empower mothers to be and couples of their choices during the birthing process."

“Great course, thank you for a really productive and informative 4 hours”

My feedback and David’s is really positive, the course made me feel a lot more secure and informed and also helped David understand what his role will be on that day and that it will be normal to be a bit shocked and in pain. After a month we’re still talking about it and we did the birth plan together.

- Mara Cacciatori

A photograph of a women holding a fake baby.
A photograph of a pregnant woman leaning against a wall, a woman behind supporting her.

“Thought the course was brilliant. Really liked that it actually answered questions rather than skirting around them. Very matter of fact which I really liked. Also liked the explanation of how the hormones impact on one another. Also, the in hospital, post birth piece. The exercises were great in particular those aimed at getting the baby into the correct birth position.”

" The Born Ready course was an incredible resource to prepare for labour and birth. I highly recommend this birth course for all first time mothers to be and their birth partners" 

A photograph of a pregnant women pinching her palm with her fore-fingers.

Have any questions?

If you have any questions regarding the course, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

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